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Yes the business center is located on the second floor of the Hillshire building with a staff to help with your needs.

We have free internet on two public access computers in the Internet Café as well as complimentary wi-fi access for attendees.

Breakfast can be included in your program as we have our own chef on campus.  For more information, visit our Catering page or Contact Us.

July weather is typically around 100° F.

For current whether conditions, visit http://www.weather.com/outlook/recreation/golf/weather/weekend/?clubId=1041657

Las Vegas strip is less than 20 min from Cape and most Summerlin hotels have free shuttles dropping off at Fashion Show Mall.

For more information on the strip, and directions to the strip from the CAPE campus, visit our Las Vegas Strip page.

Yes, we have contracted 4 Summerlin hotels close to CAPE.  Visit our TRAVEL page for more information on hotels.

CAPE is less than 30 min from McCarran airport.

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